Two-tone Colored 1 Pair Eyelashes



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Tired of BORING lashes? Add some color to your look. Colored lashes is definitely a must this season Toss out the boring lashes and vibe in color. Simple to use and comfortable to wear

SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Premium soft fibers.

Color:: 10 colors to choose from Length:1.0~1.5mm

Quantity:: 1 Pair Eyelashes/set

Instruction of Usage: Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case Compare false eyelashes with your eye lines and trim to a suitable length and width If necessary Apply eyelash glue along the false eyelash root with a cotton bud, hold the eyelash on the root of your natural lashes with a bit of pressure to set.



off, especially for you 🎁

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X033C-black/white, X602C-black/blue, X066C-black//pink, X017C-black/red, X653C-black/maroon, X633C-black/violet, X041C-black/yellow, X107C-black/beige, XJN17C-black/navy, X062C-black/brown


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